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The following is an example of what you can create with Poet. It's an interactive environment where you can mock quickly your ideas and explain them to others.

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React hooks: changing the mindset or maybe not

This is the story "React hooks: changing the mindset or maybe not" which was produced by the code above. You can see the full page here.

It perfectly illustrates what Poet is all about - mocking an example, playing with it and sharing your thoughts with others.

5 minutes video of what Poet is

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Dear engineer/storyteller/poet,

There are plenty of options for quickly trying something with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Poet can do that too but the main focus is telling stories. The joy of writing, showing and teaching code. I'm doing it for roughly ten years now and till today I didn't find the perfect environment for it. Everything out there is either for writing code or writing novels. But not both. The solutions that I tried were overloaded with features and UI that I decided to make something that fits my need. Something that allows me to write code, change it and at the same time explain what, why and how I'm changing it.

Part of the process to explain how something works is to show the progress of creating it. That is why Poet provides a Git like experience where we can commit changes. Every commit is a de facto part of our Story. There is a nice markdown editor and UI for organizing commits. Deciding weather if they have to be included in the Story and their exact order.

Poet is simple but functional. The fact that it doesn't look like full-blown IDE doesn't mean that it can't offer similar experience. It supports multiple files and imports between them. It speaks modern JavaScript because it has Babel integrated. It loads dependencies via HTTP which means that it works with everything that is distributed as an UMD build. Or in other words, enough to experiment with everything web.

If you are curious about all these stuff consider creating your own story or quickly scan the documentation. I hope you'll join me here in writing and sharing code novels.

Truly yours,
Krasimir Tsonev